Dad Chooses Sultry Rendition Of Favorite Classic, And It Has Everyone Jumping Out Of The Seats!

On the stage, he shares a bit of his backstory with the judges. He said that he’s been doing music since he was 17-years-old and attempted to get deals and recording contracts, but that it was difficult getting into the industry. During his interview, he confesses that on the outside he seems laid back, but if you would take a look inside, you might just find “elephants stampeding everywhere.”

As Aleksandar walks out in front of the judges, there is no hiding the fact that this man is good-looking and the audience members seem to agree, as you can hear them whistling for him.

Then, the 23-year-old gives everyone another reason to cheer — his voice. The White Stripe’s classic “Seven Nation Army,” begins playing but with a unique swinging spin. If you know this tune well, you know that the song starts with the guitar. However, in this performance, the tune starts and the first notes are played by a bass— the one played in jazz bands, not the one that looks like a guitar.

He begins with “I’m gonna fight them all,” and the audience loses it almost immediately. As he belts out, “Seven nation army couldn’t hold me back,” he sings it with a smile on his face as he looks around at the crowd.

The judges, including Simon, who as we all know is just about one of the strictest judges out there, all smile.

The audience starts to clap to the beat of the song, and it brings another smile to Aleksander’s face. He seems incredibly relaxed on stage.

He grabs onto the microphone with a grin, as he speeds up a little more and sings a high note. I’m not kidding when I say the crowd gets even louder! In the end, the judges and the crowd are on their feet!

If you’d like to watch Aleksandar’s incredible and “sultry” performance, watch the video down below!

Owner Hears Dog Growling In Her Room. She Wakes Up, And Pup Leads Her To A Medical Emergency.

It’s purely anecdotal, but many people report that their rescued animals seem to know that they have been saved from an unpleasant situation and appreciate their new life and new owners even more, and they may show it by being extra affectionate or attached to their caretakers. Chances are, even if your rescue pet is quiet and withdrawn in the beginning, that they just need more time to feel safe and comfortable and will eventually open up in their own way.

The Daniels family adopted a pit bull names Ember from a rescue organization called Adore-A-Bull. The rescue not only handles rescues and adoptions but hopes to change much of the bad press that surrounds the breed. They want to show everyone that pit bulls are wonderful, loving pets. They are hoping that Ember’s story will help to confirm this in people’s minds.

No one in the Daniels family thought twice about Ember’s breed when they adopted her; she was their second pit bull. But, they didn’t predict that she would form such a strong bond with 10-year-old Trey Daniels.

This bond became lifesaving one day when mom Tracy woke up to the sound of Ember growling softly — it was more of a grumble, really. The behavior was strange, to say the least, and Tracy was surprised that their usually calm, friendly dog was growling for apparently no reason. As she pulled herself out of her grogginess, Ember continued to growl. That’s when Tracy realized that something must be wrong.

The mother got up from the bed and followed Ember from the room. The dog led her to the bathroom, where Tracy discovered Trey, slumped over the side of the tub. He was having a seizure. Tracy dialed 911 and because of the quick response, Trey was okay.

The Daniels family is forever grateful for the actions of their “hero” dog, Ember. They don’t like to think of what could have happened had she not been there.

Watch the amazing story in the video below!

Dog Becomes Foster Dad To Baby Deer That Man Brings Home – She Doesn’t Want To Leave

Darius is an avid outdoorsman who lives on a large property smack dab in the middle of the wilderness (watching this video shows just how dense and thriving the surrounding nature is). He was outside when he noticed a small family of deer making their way through. He especially saw one of the fawns who was lagging behind, appearing to be injured and weak. The man kept his eye on her as mom and her siblings sped off into the neighboring field. It looked like her leg was broken because she couldn’t put her entire weight on it.

Concern immediately set in as the fawn crumbled to the ground. Darius knows what predators lurk and shows footage of savage bears and prowling wolves – her chances of survival are pretty much zero.

So Darius swooped in to bring her home to his place to join the family. He’s got two big dogs and a few cats, all of whom are very curious about their new resident. The cats are sniffing around, and the dogs want to get up close and personal.

The video goes on to showcase Darius’ tender love and care for the deer. He makes her a splint out of an oatmeal box for her leg and bottle feeds her every four hours. As heartwarming as his kindness is, it’s the dog who steps in as a foster dad that will melt your heart as it did mine! Mack looked out for her.

He took on the role of dad, always serving as her protector and continuously keeping her clean! He liked to play with her and always kept her in view when they were outside.

It’s so mind-blowing to see the love and care that exists between different species when a baby needs nurturing, it’s instinctual on a primal level throughout all animals and humans. The video is a lovely documentation of her entire ordeal from when she was found to her slow release back into the wild.

Darius’ patience and attention is so kind. He takes his time with the little deer, making sure she gets back on her feet without a hitch. What a beautiful act of kindness from every soul in this story! There’s a very happy ending, too.

Click below to watch Darius’ full story.