Ventriloquist Storms Off Stage In Fit Of Rage Leaving Puppet Behind, Then Dummy Comes To Life

In the skit below, you will hear all about Sam’s sassy attitude and the fact that he feels he can do the performance without Paul. To that, Paul storms off stage—Sam really can get on without him! Watch what he does!

The whole act leaves the judges and the crowd in hysterics, and naturally boosted everyone’s mood. The hilarious skit is basically everything you need to see today in order to get a good chuckle in and to just enjoy a lighthearted moment.

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Mom Signs Mila Up For Preschool And Her Rundown Of The First Day Has Everyone In Splits

One of the first complaints the little 2-year-old has is that she wanted to go to law school, NOT preschool. But mommy said she was too young, so preschool it had to be. When she gets there, she was obviously expecting some discipline and manners (like come on, the girl wanted to be in law school y’all, and we all know law school etiquette). Things were actually quite the opposite of what she thought it would be.

She recalls kids running around everywhere, pooping anywhere they’d like, and the teacher asking Dave no to pee on his friends. Little Mila’s reaction to this entire episode is absolutely priceless! So cute. She says that things got so bad in the classroom, that she had to take matters into her own hands. And listen to what she does to calm everyone down—genius!

Nonetheless, this sassy 2-year-old survived to tell the tale of her first day at preschool and it something you’re going to wanna watch over and over again.

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This Baby Is Pulling On The Rescue Cat’s Leg And The Internet In Stitches

Lemisie, a proud owner of a newly adopted kitty, was nervous when she brought home her new feline friend. She was afraid that her newborn wouldn’t react positively towards the cat and vice versa. Of course, she slowly introduced the two and hoped that her little one would like, or even love, the new addition to the family as much as she did.

So the question now on everyone’s lips: How did the pair get on? Absolutely swimmingly, thank goodness! In the video below, you’ll see the adorable little toddler sitting comfortably with his new furry friend. The baby leans in towards it, and the cat licks his head sweetly. The toddler, enjoying every minute of it, persists to lay near the cat, feeling its love and warm energy. It’s a treat to see and a wonderful outcome!

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After Years Of Silence Between Them, Garfunkel Confronts Simon On Stage, And The Audience Erupts.

The song was first released in 1964, and even today, people of various ages and backgrounds would be able to recognize and appreciate it. But what happens when the talented duo meet up for a little reunion some five decades later to sing their classic song? Would the quality be different? Or would it still have the ability to send you into a trance? You’ll be happy to know that the answer is in fact, the latter.

In the video below, you’ll see Simon and Garfunkel on stage together, performing their music just as powerfully as ever, if not more. Their voices still bring shivers down the spines of all who hear it, and the pair still has amazing chemistry together. In short, the video is an absolute treat!

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Pit Bull Waits For UPS Driver Everyday, But Then His Owner Dies, And The Two Become Family

UPS driver, Katie, talks about one of her favorite delivery spots: a home in California with a friendly owner and an even friendlier pup named Leo. But after Leo’s owner passed away, he was left without a home, which made the entire situation even harder for some to bear.

But when Katie heard the sad news, she knew that she had to step in to give lovely Leo a second home that he could flourish in. And so, she did just that! She introduced him to her existing pets, and says that they get along swimmingly! Leo is, indeed, happy once again.

“He loves going for rides, the water, playing with his chew toys, tormenting his two feline sisters, laying in the sun, he has NO concept of personal space. Leo likes to be on us or right beside us! What a character,” says Katie, Leo’s proud new owner.

So while we give our deepest condolences to Leo’s first mom’s family and friends, we are grateful that Katie has managed to bring a sense of happiness and belonging to Leo once again.

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Dad Records Country Hit For Wife And The Internet Is In Love With His Voice All Over Again

Even though Kris is well on his way to fame that extends beyond Youtube and the internet, a video has surfaced that shows him in his element—a sweet, private performance that he made for his family. Before Kris ever appeared on television, he shared his voice with his wife and daughter, and he dedicated this performance of ‘Simple Man’ to his wife. At this point, he was starting to be recognized from his Youtube fame but wanted to share something just for her. The video not only shows his wonderful voice but the raw emotion that brings that special something to his singing. I love this simple and heartfelt performance.

Kris hopes to continue his singing career and plans to audition for the upcoming season of ‘The Voice.’ I hope he makes the cut. I’m rooting for you!

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His Rendition Of ‘Let It Go’ Is So Breathtaking That Idina Menzel Asks Him To Sing It Again

One of the most memorable and dramatic moments in the movie is when Elsa sings the song ‘Let It Go.’ The amazing song took on a life of its own and became popular on the radio and outside of the movie. For many ‘Frozen’ fans, it was the highlight of the movie.

During a recent concert, Idina Menzel, the singer of ‘Let It Go’ brought the children in the audience up on stage when it was time for the song. As something she does during every concert, she has discovered that the boys that are invited on the stage often dislike ‘Let It Go.’ But, this particular boy, named Luke, let her know just how much he loves the popular tune. So, Idina gave him the opportunity to sing it.

Watch the video of Luke’s stunning performance, below. He’s so good that Indina asked him to sing an encore! Please like and share!

Pentatonix Sings A Spine Chilling Cover Of ‘Hallelujah’ And It’s Going Viral

Recently, another cover of Hallelujah has been getting a lot of attention. This rendition was recorded by Pentatonix, the a capella group from Arlington, Texas that won the third season of The Sing-Off. Pentatonix has won numerous Grammy awards as well as the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. If you’re at all familiar with them, then you know that whenever they release a cover, it’s going to be spectacular!

Pentatonix’s cover of Hallelujah is achingly beautiful and you may very well struggle to hold back your tears. Since its music video was released on YouTube, it has gone absolutely viral. Watch and listen for yourself and let us know what you think.


4-Year-Old’s Rendition Of “I Will Always Love You” Is Melting Everyone’s Heart Over The Internet.

In the video below, you’ll witness the young boy singing Whitney Houston’s, “I Will Always Love You”. As he stands carefully in front of the microphone, sporting a cool pair of headphones that nearly cover the entire length of his face, and a totally fetching outfit, he belts out the lyrics with confidence and stride. It’s really a sight to behold.

But before you watch the vid, here’s a fun fact! Did you know that the song was originally written by Dolly Parton? It was released in 1974 and made its way to the top of the country music Billboard. Eight years later, it reached number one yet again, but this time, was sung by the talented Whitney and made an appearance in the film, “The Bodyguard”.

So, if you’re a music or movie fan, or you’re one to solely appreciate good talent, then this video will surely blow you away! Give it a watch and if you’ve loved it as much as we have, be sure to share it with your family and friends.