6-Year-Old Girl Is Handcuffed For Bringing Dessert To School And Mom Is Enraged

The young girl’s mother is now suing the Chicago Board of Education and the security guard for the outlandish treatment and admits that her daughter did not steal a piece of candy but rather, it was given to her in her lunchbox.  The horrific treatment is said to have caused Madisyn immense trauma and distress.

Since, the security guard has been fired and labeled as a “do not hire” by the Education Board. Despite his reaction, however, no police charges have been filed against him.

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Granny Has Long, Stringy Grey Hair So Granddaughter Takes Her In For An Extreme Makeover

She walked into the salon that day with long, curly hair that she didn’t know how to style. The best thing about Mary was that she completely trusted Chris with her, and had faith that he would be her transformation worth the long wait!

So what happens when Chris decides to take control of Mary’s hair? Well, magic of course (because when hasn’t he delivered exceptional results?)! When Mary comes in for the big reveal to her granddaughter, the girl is shocked at how beautiful her grandma looks with the new do—she’s all smiles when she granny walks in!

But it wasn’t just Mary’s granddaughter that appreciated Chris’ hard work. In a heartfelt thank you letter to the Makeover Guy, Mary says that her husband loves her new look as well. She goes on to say that “Tonight he called me beautiful.” We’re sure Chris feels delighted at the positive response his client is getting from her loved ones.

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8-Year-Old Kai Is Back To Sing On Ellen And This Time He Gets Down On The Floor

But he decided to be a bit different in the video below! When Kai joined Ellen on her show a couple of years ago, he was ready to talk about all sorts of stuff before jumping into his rendition of The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face.”

For anyone that has seen Kai performing in the past, you know that his stage presence has to be one of the cutest things ever. He emphasizes his words and syllables using his hands, and his facial expressions are beyond adorable! He’s so into each one of his performances that he usually sings with his eyes closed—watch the video below to see exactly how passionate he gets about his singing!

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House Goes Up In Flames, Mom Straps Baby Into Car Seat And Throws Her Out The Window

Shelby was a new mother of a baby girl named Keana who was with her in the house. It was said that Shelby used her motherly instincts, strapped her child to a baby car seat, and threw her out of the window for safety. Unfortunately, Shelby did not survive but her infant child did.

Fireman, Ed Foglesonger, responded to the occurrence by saying, “I guess it’s the motherly instinct to take care of their young. We’re all wondering why she didn’t go out after the baby.” He also admitted that Shelby passed from smoke inhalation.

The county sheriff added that, “The house was engulfed in flames,” and that Shelby “was a hero since she put her baby in a car seat and dropped her to the ground.”

And to make the situation that much more heartbreaking, Shelby’s cousin, Shawna Burwell, talked about Shelby by saying, “Her 21st birthday was yesterday. And on Facebook, she had posted, ‘What a great birthday.’”

Keana was rushed to the hospital to be treated and is said to be living with relatives for the time being. Additionally, a GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family, with over $42,000 being raised so far. Our thoughts are with Keana and family.

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Boy Finds Veteran’s Wallet With $2300 Inside, He Picks It Up And Walks Back To School

Tommy O’Connor, a high school student in California, found a wallet on the floor at his local 7/11. Inside, over $2000. Tommy was adamant to find the owner of the wallet and approached an assistant teacher, Anna Gomez, at his school. Together, the school and Tommy managed to find the owner, who just so happened to be a veteran.

When Tommy was interviewed for his wonderful act of kindness, he admitted that it would be wrong to take the wallet, as it was probably someone’s rent money.

But Tommy was not only praised by the media, he was also given major props by his mother, who was sincerely proud of her son. She sent him the text, “I’m very proud of you my son. Ms. Kalra called me. Wow, you’re one in a million. Love you to the moon and back,” to which Tommy replied, “You should be thanking yourself you raised me.”

What an awesome job, Tommy and Mr. and Mrs. O’ Connor. This is one of those feel-good stories that many love to hear about. If you agree, share it with your family and friends.

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This Mom And Daughter’s Hilarious Salon Talk Is Going Viral

Children are great at repeating after adults, so often you’ll hear them talk just like their parents do. One-year-old Jayde, the stylist from this video also mimics mom very well. She’s so good that mom Kerry is having a ball getting her hair done!

They start off by hilariously gossiping about “him” and how he expected mommy to get up and make breakfast (probably a small gossip session about dad? or, it may just be some fun complaining that girls start doing about their significant others when they’re together!).  But then they move on to what Jayde the stylist seems interested in, Sea World.

Mom says she’s got tickets to Sea World and the baby is in awe when she talks about animals and water. But she soon goes back to talking about boys, and the conversation just continues. It’s such an adorable moment between mother and daughter, and we’re so glad mom recorded it on video!

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Boy Holds Arms Out For A Hug, Pet Chicken Runs Over Then Quickly Backs Off

But Mason recently got a haircut, and the family wanted to know if Love Bird would still recognize his best friend, or mistake him for someone else. It’s not like Mason looks different than he did before, but sometimes it’s hard for animals to differentiate one human from the other.

The parents present Mason (with his new hair) in front of Love Bird and turn on their camera to capture the entire reaction. At first, the chicken is confused to see her best friend. She gives him a quick hug and then breaks loose to do a quick inspection of him to ensure that it is indeed Mason. She then quickly comes back and gives the little boy another hug. Now that’s something to cherish!

Who is your pet best friend? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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12-Year-Old Busker Singer Sings Sheeran’s “Supermarket Flowers” And It’s Better Than Original

In the video, Allie is situated in the middle of a hustling and bustling street in Ireland and belts out the ballad with so much passion, while hitting all the right notes to the song. The lyrics are already so powerful since Sheeran’s mom had written them in memory of her own mother (the singer’s grandma). So when you pair the sentiments of the song with Allie’s voice, you get such a soulful and touching performance.

She uploaded this video on Youtube sometime in June, and since then she’s been garnering so many positive reviews. We’re sure she couldn’t be happier!

Although the girl is just 12-years-old, her voice sounds so mature and her presence is felt throughout the entire performance. Allie’s form of singing is called busking, and she’s become a popular busker on Grafton Street in Ireland; she’s now a local celebrity.

Since she has been so acknowledged online and in her local hometown, Allie has been offered to make appearances on shows like The Ellen Show. The opportunity was turned down because her parents feel that she is just a 12-year-old girl who enjoys some busking. Allie herself doesn’t know where she’d like to take this passion for singing since she says that it’s just a hobby.

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11-Year-Old Singer Floors Guitarist, 100s Others With Chilling Performance Of "Ave Maria"

Vincent recalls that at first, he has no interest in letting anyone else sing with him. But after a few minutes of the man’s persistence, Vincent agreed to meet with the little girl. The father said that his daughter, Amira Willighagen wanted to sing the same song he was singing to the crowd. Vincent was confused at first, but agreed anyway and asked the little girl to sing.

Vincent was floored by Amira’s talent and also noticed that she was a contestant on “Holland’s Got Talent” in 2013. From refusing her a chance to sing with him to performing the entire piece, Vincent felt honored to be able to share the same singing space with this magnificent talent. He was blown away by how good she is. Her voice is amazing! But, don’t take our word for it!

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4 Men Sing Chilling Rendition Of Dolly Parton Classic, “I Will Always Love You”

“I Will Always Love You” needs to the perfect vocal capabilities, and as a singer, you need to hit all the right notes, to do the original any justice—these men have managed a breathtaking performance with their rendition. People say that it can be so easy to have your rendition go wrong, but Il Divo knew better than to not ruin the classic for its audience.

The four men in this group add vibrancy to the auditorium and fill the room with their powerful voices. The performance will give you chills. But the best part of the performance is yet to be revealed—it’s in Spanish! And in my opinion, that is what makes the performance that much more special. The addition of the Spanish element adds a personal touch.

Click on the link below and watch the group perform the iconic song, for yourself! If you enjoyed it as much as we did, then don’t forget to like and share this post with family and friends!