Young Piano Prodigy Hears Grandma’s Dream To See Him Live, So He Puts On Private Recital

Although Dorothy has been a fan of his since his early years with the piano, she’s always been hard of hearing and couldn’t fully enjoy his music. So Ryan wanted to do something special for “Grandma Dorothy,” as he calls her. He called her in for a special private recital, and she was his only audience member.

Dorothy was asked to sit right beside him on his bench so she can take advantage of his music and piano skills as close as possible. She was thrilled, and touched, by the entire experience.

Ryan has won the hearts of millions of people around the world—he’s made appearances on Ellen and has played at Carnegie Hall. But more than his talent, people love his kindheartedness. He said that he likes to play for Grandma Dorothy because it makes him happy. Now can a 5-year-old get sweeter than that?

Watch Ryan’s private recital for Dorothy in the video below. If you loved the performance as much as we did, then please like and share this post with family and friends! We’re sure it’ll touch everyone’s hearts.

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