Granny Has Long, Stringy Grey Hair So Granddaughter Takes Her In For An Extreme Makeover

She walked into the salon that day with long, curly hair that she didn’t know how to style. The best thing about Mary was that she completely trusted Chris with her, and had faith that he would be her transformation worth the long wait!

So what happens when Chris decides to take control of Mary’s hair? Well, magic of course (because when hasn’t he delivered exceptional results?)! When Mary comes in for the big reveal to her granddaughter, the girl is shocked at how beautiful her grandma looks with the new do—she’s all smiles when she granny walks in!

But it wasn’t just Mary’s granddaughter that appreciated Chris’ hard work. In a heartfelt thank you letter to the Makeover Guy, Mary says that her husband loves her new look as well. She goes on to say that “Tonight he called me beautiful.” We’re sure Chris feels delighted at the positive response his client is getting from her loved ones.

Want to know what Mary’s final look turned out like? Click on the video below and see it for yourself! And if you enjoyed this video as much as we did, then don’t forget to like and share it with family and friends!

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